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As seen on Newspaper! My contribution to “How to pick a winning IPO” or “投资IPO 如何“趋吉避凶”?”

Got my first request to contribute to a local newspaper!  The article was published on the  ZaoBao financial section ok! Don’t play play. 🙂 The journalist asked me if I could help contribute my thoughts of IPO investing and of course I said “sure!” So here is the full answers I gave from the questions he asked. […]

2 good investment opportunities and 1 big warning after QE3 announcement

It was 1:15am last Thursday night when my fellow investing friend apps me that QE3 is “ON!”. Straight away I logged into my CFD account and bought Silver. Even though Silver has ran up quite a bit in anticipation of the QE announcement, I think there are more upside. By now most of the readers already know about the QE3 […]

My Stock assessment- Hyflux

This is a series of blog that talks about my stock selection assessment. This week,  I spotted Hyflux up trend and started to do a BUY assessment. Here is what I found out: Big Picture  Fundamentals -US economically data is showing some positive signs. -EURO is showing some form of stabilization. -There seems to be […]

Market trend April 3rd

All the markets corrected sharply last week. So I am kicking myself for not brave enough to add more position. I “sort” of know it will rebound sharply after the Japanese earthquake hits. Especially when I saw all other major market’s upward trend is still intact. It is always easy to blame our inaction for what has […]

Market trend 6th March 2011

Another nail biting week on the roller coaster of the ever temperamental stock markets. 1) Dow Jones -It broke the 20 days moving average line (Gulp!) . The Bollinger band is still holding steady which means volatility is still normal (Phew!). Also since the DJ is hovering the lower part of the Bollinger band, it signals buying opportunity. Especially since the strong […]

First Post!

Hello all, This is my first post for my blog. I need to practice what I believe. Which is if you get the general market trend correct, you already have 20% confidence in your investment decision. I am very new at this, so please provide feedback and guidance. Here goes: I will start will tracking […]

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