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My Saizen Reit windfall!

By roland | November 1, 2015

Music to my ears One of my favorite REIT (Siazen Reit) has announced on 30th Oct 2015, that  they have accepted the offer for Triangle TMK to buy over their entire Reit’s portfolio at S$517.3 million. You can read the official announcement here. This offer price translate to a 3.4% premium to the appraised value…

Bottled Wealth Holdings and Australian Wine Index in trouble…again!

By roland | October 5, 2015

You have been warned Many of you have commented on the my earlier article about Wine Investment with Bottled Wealth Holdings and Australian Wine Index. I have tried to warn many about the shady history of these 2 companies and urge many to think 2-3 times before putting any money into it. I have also provide…

Internet Marketing course by Wealth Mastery- Preview review

By roland | April 7, 2015

Looks like Wealth Mastery is firing all of their advertising engine to get students to attend their Internet Marketing course. Especially in Yahoo Singapore ads. I was curious why as an Internal Marketing “expert” you would need to advertise to get awareness for their course. So I went for their preview to find out.   For…

7 REITs are in my watch-list and am aiming to buy one of them

By roland | January 3, 2015

Happy New Year to all my readers! It has been a very fruitful year for me. My reader base is growing nicely (thanks for all of your support!) and is excited about the up coming Personal Investment Seminar in January. In my New Year’s resolution, I will put “More regular update to blog” as one…

First ever Personal Investment Seminar by fellow bloggers

By roland | October 11, 2014

Breaking news! I am so excited to be involved in the first ever Personal Financial Investment Seminar organised by local financial blogging community! I always felt that local financial bloggers are not given enough credit for the amount of knowledge and information that they contributed to the wider community to improve the financial literacy in…

Can Wine investment give you 18% gain in 6months? The Bottled Wealth (TBW) says they can wor.

By roland | July 28, 2014

Scam alert? When I hear that kind of returns my antenna all shot up! If this was really achievable in a big scale, you will be able to double your money every 2 years. Or just put in $10k now and wait to collect a cool million dollars in 15 years. So it is a…

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