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CPF changes from budget 2011 is good news right?

By roland | February 25, 2011

2 key changes to the CPF contribution took place in the recent 2011 budget announcement. Generally good news for employees and not so good news for employers (see table below for details). Here is are the changes: 1) Increase contribution ceiling from $4500 to $5000 2) Increase contribution from employer from 15.5% to 16% So in general good…

I met someone that will find this blog very useful

By roland | February 22, 2011

Today in one of the financial workshop that I attend regularly, I met a person that is in similar situation as I was 3 years ago. A salaried man that only have one active income. Like him we were happy working in an MNC and didn’t think too much about losing our job. But reality came sooner…

First Post!

By roland | February 20, 2011

Hello all, This is my first post for my blog. I need to practice what I believe. Which is if you get the general market trend correct, you already have 20% confidence in your investment decision. I am very new at this, so please provide feedback and guidance. Here goes: I will start will tracking…

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