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How to build your own Value Investing portfolio

A week ago I was invited to a Value Investing Sharing Session by Aggregate Asset Management (AAM). They are a local boutique fund management company specializing in value investing. Their flagship fund, the Aggregate Value Fund, does not charge annual management fees and clients only pay performance fees for absolute returns. I find this very refreshing because they really structure the fund…

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Lippo Mall REIT giving 6.7% yield. Buy or Bye?

My criteria to REIT selection: Dividend yield > 6% This is main reason why we invest in REIT. When doing my homework, I don’t expect the price of the shares to go up. I am more concern about the under lying assets that the REIT holds. Price to NAV < 0.7 The primary value of a REIT…

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Last Sunday Times article on Business Trust brought tears to my eyes..

You see, if Jonathon would have written the article (Growing hunger for business trusts) before I bought Indiabulls Properties Investment Trust, it could have save me my from my 88% capital lost!  🙁 The chart below shows the performance of this stock since IPO compared to STI index. Heartache or not? I am still holding on…

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