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How to build your own Value Investing portfolio

A week ago I was invited to a Value Investing Sharing Session by Aggregate Asset Management (AAM). They are a local boutique fund management company specializing in value investing. Their flagship fund, the Aggregate Value Fund, does not charge annual management fees and clients only pay performance fees for absolute returns. I find this very refreshing because they really structure the fund […]

2 good investment opportunities and 1 big warning after QE3 announcement

It was 1:15am last Thursday night when my fellow investing friend apps me that QE3 is “ON!”. Straight away I logged into my CFD account and bought Silver. Even though Silver has ran up quite a bit in anticipation of the QE announcement, I think there are more upside. By now most of the readers already know about the QE3 […]

How to start planning for Investment? – MWI’s Investment and Money Management Framework

How does one start planning for Investment? I get these kind of questions a lot. “How do I start investing?” or “What should I do first?” or “Should I buy stock first?” These are very valid questions for anyone starting in their investment journey. But I often find it very hard to provide a simple comprehensive answer. […]

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