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My Saizen Reit windfall!

Music to my ears One of my favorite REIT (Siazen Reit) has announced on 30th Oct 2015, that  they have accepted the offer for Triangle TMK to buy over their entire Reit’s portfolio at S$517.3 million. You can read the official announcement here. This offer price translate to a 3.4% premium to the appraised value…

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7 REITs are in my watch-list and am aiming to buy one of them

Happy New Year to all my readers! It has been a very fruitful year for me. My reader base is growing nicely (thanks for all of your support!) and is excited about the up coming Personal Investment Seminar in January. In my New Year’s resolution, I will put “More regular update to blog” as one…

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Unique s-REIT: the many untold stories about Saizen REIT

siazen reit

I think one of the largest shareholder of Saizen Reit (Argyle Street Management) is wrong in their opinion.  They lobbied for the management in the recently completed AGM, to disperse Saizen Reit’s huge cash reserves as dividend to “enhance” share holder’s value. The full write up on Strait Times can be found below. I don’t…

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Neat way to filter good Singapore REITs

REIT Price/NAV vs Dividend Yield If you like me is a visual person, will like the below graphical representation of all the Singapore REITs in a single chart. Framed by Price/NAV on the X-axis and Dividend Yield on the Y-axis.   In my earlier article, I talked about why I use the 2 criteria as my…

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Time to invest in S-REIT now? Which counter stands out?

lippo mall Reit price chart

Time to invest in REITs? Two months ago we saw one of the fastest drop of our STI index the last few year. It came down about 10% in just short one month time frame. Practically wiping out all the gains we had from the beginning of the year. Since then the index have recovered…

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How to build your own Value Investing portfolio

A week ago I was invited to a Value Investing Sharing Session by Aggregate Asset Management (AAM). They are a local boutique fund management company specializing in value investing. Their flagship fund, the Aggregate Value Fund, does not charge annual management fees and clients only pay performance fees for absolute returns. I find this very refreshing because they really structure the fund…

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Lippo Mall REIT giving 6.7% yield. Buy or Bye?

My criteria to REIT selection: Dividend yield > 6% This is main reason why we invest in REIT. When doing my homework, I don’t expect the price of the shares to go up. I am more concern about the under lying assets that the REIT holds. Price to NAV < 0.7 The primary value of a REIT…

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