What?!! Another financial blog?

Yup, I heard this one before. Well short answer is yes and no. Yes it is like a typical financial blog that I post regular articles about investments. But my posts will primarily focus on investments that can be managed passively with the aim of generating good returns. In another words it would include investment vehicles like Dividend stocks, Property and alternate business (land, start up, online biz etc).


My investment asset class

What I am focus on. Stocks, Property and Alternate biz


You see, many investors like me have similar problems. We are the middle class that holds a full time job and do not have a lot of time left to manage our investment. So this blog is a mean for me to document down my journey and share with wider community what I learn to create good passively manage income.

No, this not like the rest because a my blog’s Newsletter subscribers, you will not only get updates and posts from me, but also from a number of good financial bloggers in Singapore. I call they the “MWI Star Bloggers”! They are the ones that I admire as their articles or post helped me gain and shape my investment strategy. So when you subscribe to my Newsletter, you will be getting great articles from “experts” in the various asset class.



I have a full time job in a MNC. I like my job. So by day, all my effort and energy will be on contributing to my company’s bottom line. But by night and weekends, I will focus my energy on contributing my own bottom line! 🙂  I am a true believer of creating multiple sources of income for oneself. No one owns you a living so you have to build your own safety financial safety net.

I have gain quite a lot from reading posts, attending seminars and signing up for classes. So I know how hard is it for an average Singaporean to start. That is why I am starting this site to share. Also of course my memory is failing lah. So need a place to keep me honest! 🙂